Holzfaserdekorplatte / zur Außenraumgestaltung / perforiert / Sichtschutz

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Holzfaserdekorplatte Holzfaserdekorplatte - CHURCH ARLESHEIM


  • Material:

    aus Holzfaser

  • Anwendung:

    zur Außenraumgestaltung

  • Oberfläche:


  • Weitere Eigenschaften:



The new extension to Arlesheim Church, which is a listed building, has been given visual appeal through use of amorphously-perforated Formboard cladding panels. These components additionally serve to prevent glare and to provide privacy screening. “The way light is distributed promotes a feeling of security; in the common room in particular it diffuses an atmosphere of wellbeing,” enthuses architect Martin Plattner. “Formboard offers an enormous variety of unique options. The extensive range of colours and the option of bespoke perforations meant we quickly decided in favour of this approach at the planning stage.” Bruag’s perforated elements not only add a certain something to modern buildings – they can also be readily integrated into historical buildings. The laser-cutting technology provides practically unlimited freedom of design in relation to the perforations. Even fine, complex patterns do not present a problem. You too can set the standard – we offer you the opportunity to create your own artwork at an affordable price.

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