Remer Rubinetterie

Über uns

Founded in Milan in 1965, Remer Rubinetterie is a leading manufacturer of faucets and plumbing minutery,a serious and reliable partner well-known on Italianand international markets since 50 years.

Remer is always oriented to satisfy the needs of a constantly changing market and to build stable business relationships. Remer Rubinetterie's production is currently distributed in 130 countries thus creating an important brand recognition and appreciation worldwide. In order to perform big numbers, Remer has built wide production plants by investing in facilities, equipments and technologies to give to its customers more guarantee concerning the quality and the origin of the product.Inside its own factories, between Milan and Bergamo, in the Remer Engineering Labs, entirely dedicated to high precision and quality production with highly innovative and completely robotic machinery, Remer fully complete the whole production cycle of most of its articles. Right since the design stage, the whole process of product creation is internal to our Company, that is equipped with the most structured research-and-development and technical departments in our industry sector, besides with advanced instruments. After a careful selection and control of the best raw material suppliers, Remer proceeds to the production phase using only Italian and highly advanced machinery, Remer can machine casted items, forged items, brass bar items, brass tube items and brass plated, virtually the entire panorama.Internal departments of polishing and chrome-plating processes define and close the cycle of the product. A plastics injection department also defines the substantial structure of the Group, together with the flexible hose braiding production department, and even more. Tests and carefull assembly gives to each product the guarantee to be designed and created to last. Through its production plants, Remer Rubinetterie gives to the customers a triple assurance on the producst: the certainty of their origin, the safety of total quality, the best competitivity in the market. We have focused on high technology to positively face the needs of an increasingly demanding market and the search for new solutions is the driving force behind the Group.

Remer Rubinetterie, by its nature, is constantly wishing to grow, invest, build, create, design, in order to give new results and new ideas in every season.

Structured on an area of about 85.000 square meters, 45.000 sqm covered and 2.000 sqm of offices only, the company is certified ISO 9001, company quality system, and ISO 14001, environmental quality system.Remer Rubinetterie S.p.A., always attentive also to environmental issues, inaugurated in March 2011 a huge photovoltaic system that creates clean energy for 500KWp, the same energy needed by about 200 families.

This is Remer Rubinetterie, this is our Group and we work with passion.

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